Swirling, textural landscapes meld with the fizzing momentum of an otherworldly melody in the video for I Break Horses‘ ‘Hearts’.

The musical nucleus of I Break Horses is Stockholm based Maria Lindén. Working with musical partner Fredrick Balck, Lindén welds visionary sound-scapes into songs that hijack the synapses and connect with something in a way that’s as emotional as it is physical.

Alex Southam – who’s also made videos for I Break Horses’ labelmates Thousands - has crafted a visual accompaniement to ‘Hearts’ that finds the link between the visceral, synthetic process of music creation and the ever-unwinding, unstoppable force of nature’s progress.

For more information on the project, make sure you check out the brand new I Break Horses official website here.

I Break Horses – Hearts from Bella Union on Vimeo.

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