The first 3D skateboarding film, a whole new dimension is opened up to what our skate-watching eyes have gotten used to. But what’s even better than the 3D aspect of KROOK3D is the overall format and flowing feel of the video. It doesn’t consist of rider parts. Instead the entire team(along with A-list guests) skates together at spot slittered throughout New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, DC and more. Watching KROOK3D, youget the feeling that each spot or session was completely improvised. The guys simply met up to skate and it just so happened that gnarliness went down when they got together.It’s the unplanned, jam session nature of the video that completely encompasses (on film) the fun,excitement and unpredictability of skateboarding.KROOK3D captures what other videos have only tried to do for years and years.“Everyone on the team kills it throughout this one,but for the curious, here’s a quick rundown. Gonz…c’mon, he’s the Gonz. The guy can’t look bad on a skateboard. Mike Anderson can do everything and anything he wants. Brad Cromer is the future of skateboarding. David Clark has the sickest style in the world. Bobby Worrest…tatted and still tech as hell. Drehobl, still the tranny king. Luke Croker, tall and smooth as hell.”

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