10 Top Tools for Digital Photography Lovers

1. Olloclip

The human need for fabulous eye-candy is one of the reasons photography has seen such a boom in the tech sphere. These days, nearly every device comes with a camera, and what sort of consumers would we be to not take advantage?

But sometimes those built-in cameras need a little extra boost to get that photo looking just right. Whether you’re wielding a DLSR, smartphone or a point-and-shoot, here are some of the more fun and innovative tools for photographers we’ve come across lately.

2. iPad CF and SD Card Readers

3. Lytro Camera


5. Lo-fi Micro 4/3 Camera Lens

6. iPhone Telephoto Lens

7. Gorillapod

8. Eye-Fi SD Memory Cards

9. Super-Secret Spy Lens

10. iPhone Lens Dial

BONUS: White Balance Lens Cap

To read more about these add-ons, click HERE.

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