Manila, Philippines: The Boysen KNOxOUT Project: EDSA

The Boysen KNOxOUT Project: EDSA is a large-scale urban renewal project that challenges the odds against making life better along EDSA, the longest and one of the most traffic-congested avenues in Metro Manila.

This massive endeavor will involve 11 internationally circulating artists who will conceptualize eight massive artworks in a number of areas within the 24 kilometer length of EDSA.

The project will use Boysen KNOxOUT, a breakthrough paint that contains the new CrystalActiv technology, which uses titanium oxide. This material is activated when exposed to sufficient energy like sunlight or ambient light to create a film that neutralizes any pollutants like NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulfur oxide) that come into contact with it. Pollutants are converted into less harmful substances. The by-products of this conversion are negligible amounts of carbon dioxide and water.

In effect, the Boysen KNOxOUT Project: EDSA will perform two duties that the city is clamoring for – an unprecedented public art project that will help transform EDSA as a showcase for art, and a huge functional piece that aids in neutralizing the air pollution in Metro Manila’s main artery.

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